OACP – Talking Care Magazine

Thank you to the Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers (OACP) for asking me to share an example of my consultancy work for Issue 4 of their ‘Talking Care’ magazine.

I chose to focus on my work with a Christadephian Care Home in Coventry, under the title ‘Improvement for all-time, not just crisis-time’. The feature includes details of the work I’ve undertaken and case studies from a staff member and a resident.

You can read my feature here: http://www.talkingcare.online/talkingcare-issue4/TalkingCareOnline_Issue4.html#p=14

I have also written a guest editorial for this dementia special edition of the magazine, which you can read here: http://www.talkingcare.online/talkingcare-issue4/TalkingCareOnline_Issue4.html#p=3