I offer intuitive training and mentoring for the health and social care workforce with a training package I have devised, alongside creating bespoke materials and training sessions to respond to individual staff or service needs. I also run standalone training sessions on key overarching care and support topics, like communication, life story work, wellbeing and keyworking, and drop-in skills workshops that utilise my top tips action sheets.

More details about my five D4Dementia training modules that cover:

  • What is Dementia?
  • Person and Relationship Centred Care and Support
  • Communication
  • Living with Dementia
  • Changes Associated with Dementia

are available via my Dementia Action Week 2018 series of D4Dementia blogs.

You can also read a showcase of the training and mentoring I’ve delivered for one of my social care consultancy clients in Talking Care Magazine, and feedback from learners and commissioning employers on my testimonials page.


My mission: A training and mentoring experience that gives learners a comprehensive understanding of how to relate to the person/people that they support and their individual realities, to enhance the care and support that they provide. All of my training and mentoring is bespoke and modifiable as learning progresses, tailored to the needs of the individual learner(s), the people they support and the service/organisation that they work for.

My vision: To provide practical, understandable and actionable training and mentoring that is engaging, inspiring and impactful, leading to lasting change in the learner’s practice that is reflected in the experiences of the people that they provide care and support for, and that positively influences the culture of their service/organisation to make it genuinely aligned with what any of us would want for our own loved ones.

My values: To embed my personal experiences, and the experiences of the numerous people I’ve met who are ageing and/or living with dementia or supporting a loved one who is ageing and/or living with dementia, into everything I teach to make it as realistic as possible. I aim to facilitate improvement within every social care service I provide training and mentoring for by:

  1. Supporting and advising learners, building their confidence alongside their knowledge.
  2. Identifying and filling gaps in learners understanding throughout the learning process.
  3. Sharing examples of good practice and signposting to relevant resources/organisations to support each learner’s continuing education.
  4. Stimulating discussion and the mutual transfer of knowledge and understanding between learners and to improve my own practice.
  5. Working with learners to create plans that support them to put their learning into practice, and following these up to ensure a real and lasting change in the care and support that they provide.

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