From websites to specialist journals and major publications, I pride myself on an approachable and very readable writing style, an ability to communicate key ideas and themes, and supreme attention to detail that makes the content I produce stand out from the crowd.

As an expert in ageing, health and social care I have an authoritative voice and a dedicated following for my work. I have a passion for telling the stories that make health and care issues come to life, and a uniquely personal perspective as a former carer to my father.


  • I am able to write on any topic around ageing, health and social care.
  • I have a 7+ year track record of producing content that is accurate, accessible, informative and appealing, delivered on time and to the agreed specifications.
  • I have a vast array of experiences (both personal and also professional through my training, mentoring and consultancy work) to draw on, giving my writing a uniquely readable style.
  • I ensure content conforms to guidelines, eg: dementia language guidelines.
  • I signpost to relevant organisations/initiatives whenever possible, and I have an extensive database and network of contacts to support this.
  • I write both authored work (which I share with my social media following and is listed in my portfolio further down this page) and ghost-written work.
  • I am experienced in incorporating keywords and other SEO requirements.
  • I can provide content marketing and/or social media marketing consultancy to help you maximise your content.

This blog sums up my passion for content creation:


“Beth’s work ethic is impeccable. Any piece of work undertaken is always produced to the highest of standards. It really is a pleasure to work alongside her. I trust any task given to her and know that it will be completed to the highest quality with reputable references that are eminent in current best practice and thinking.”
Sarah Ormston, Former Health, Dementia and Wellbeing Manager, MacIntyre

“Beth has a great understanding of your needs beyond the original brief, delivering high quality copywriting and helpful advice regarding content. Beth has a wealth of experience both personal and academically, and really takes the time to listen to you.”
Stephanie Coyne, Former Marketing Manager, Consultus

“Beth took the time to get to know and understand our service like no other partner. Her ability to quickly become adept with our service was evident in the quality of work produced and content calibre. Beth has a unique writing style that turns very complex topics into a clear, concise and enjoyable reading experience.”
Mitch Miller, Former Managing Director, ENA Care Group


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I’ve had a passion for writing my whole life, excelling at English language, English literature and history from a young age. I freelanced with sport and lifestyle feature writing before becoming Editor of Voiceoffootball from 2005-2007, with 23 columnists writing for me.

As my father’s dementia continued to advance, I made the decision to prioritise his needs, and that remained the case until he passed away.

Through my writing I aim to appeal to the hearts and minds of my audience and communicate honestly and passionately. My work has been described as engaging, informative, inspiring and easy to understand.

I am the author of D4Dementia, one of the most highly-acclaimed and widely-read dementia blogs in the world.  I have also blogged for Huffington Post, and written numerous guest blogs.


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