Campaigning principles run throughout all of my work. I am a passionate advocate for older people, anyone receiving health or social care support and in particular people with dementia, their carers and families. The foundations for this passion come from my personal experiences, which you can read about here.

I believe in constructive dialogue, learning from experience, co-production, sharing best practice, and keeping the person needing care and support at the heart of all health and social care policy. My extensive network of individuals, families, professionals and organisations from all backgrounds keeps me in touch with the multidisciplinary challenges faced on a daily basis, and my usage of social media ensures I am always informing and driving the debate.


  • An accomplished speaker, including keynote speaker, on many different topics related to my areas of expertise
  • Engaging, thought-provoking and personalised presentation style
  • Sought-after facilitation skills
  • Experience of working with different types of media
  • Extensive social media presence


December 2023: MacIntyre Families Podcast – Season 3, Episode 6 ‘ARC England’ 

November 2023: Films for Sweet Pea Care Hubs (You will need to sign up or log in – this is free – to view the films)

October 2023: Dementia Carers Count – Walk in my Shoes Podcast 

October 2023: MSNAP Annual Forum – ‘Perspectives from MSNAP Peer Reviewers’

September 2023: Takeover of The Caring View 

September 2023: MacIntyre Families Podcast – Season 3, Episode 4 ‘World Alzheimer’s Month’ 

June 2023: JDC/Dementia Publishing Webinar 

June 2023: Challenging University Podcast and

May 2023: Parliamentary Launch of the Special Dietary Needs Network

November 2022: BRACE Annual Conference panellist

October 2022: LDE and MacIntyre – ‘Creative ways to talk about death and dying’

October 2022: MSNAP Annual Forum – ‘Working with experts with lived experience of dementia’ (Fast forward to 25:43)

September 2022: Co-hosted Twitter Space with MacIntyre and Dementia UK

August 2022: The ‘D’ Word radio show 

August 2022: MacIntyre Twitter Space guest

June 2022: Ministry of Justice Carers Network – ‘The invisibility of being a carer’ online event

March 2022: ‘Well I Know Now…’ Podcast

Feb 2022: MacIntyre Families Podcast – Episode 21

June 2021: BRACE – Life story and wellbeing online event

Feb 2021: MacIntyre Families Podcast – Episode 9

Feb 2020: Phonic FM – Gina Awad’s ‘Living Better with Dementia’ Show

Nov 2019: The National Care Forum – ‘Being a Change Maker for Family Carers’

July 2019: Home Instead – ‘The Power of Positive Outcomes and Positive Risk Taking’ Care Manager Conference

May 2019: talkRADIO – The Matthew Wright Show – (Choose the 15.00-15.30 tab and fast forward to 06:50 minutes)

May 2018: BBC Radio 5 Live – 5 Live Drive – (Fast forward to 1 hour 13 mins)

May 2018: DAA Webinar – Learning Disabilities and Dementia: Enhancing Care and Support – (Slides only – No audio available)

Dec 2017: BRACE #DefeatDementia film in support of BRACE’s 30th birthday –

Nov 2017: Havas Lynx – ‘In search of The Invisible Army – The Caregivers’ Story’ – Podcast mini-series –

June 2017: Havas Lynx – ‘In search of The Invisible Army – The Caregivers’ Story’ –

Nov 2016: Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers (OACP) – ‘Talking Care: Inspiration for All’ Conference –

July 2016: Carers Trust – ‘Care Act Carers: One Year On’ launch –

April 2016: BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours – (First item on the programme)

Jan 2016: BBC Radio Oxford – (Preview at the beginning, then fast forward to 7 mins)

Dec 2015: BBC Radio 5 Live – 5 Live Daily – (Fast forward to 1 hour 10 mins)

Oct 2015: Film for MacIntyre – ‘Dementia Special Interest Group’

Sept 2015: Film for MacIntyre – ‘Dementia – Our experience’

August 2015: Film for Arc Seven Communications – ‘Social media for care’

July 2015: Book launch of two Jessica Kingsley Publications – ‘Living better with dementia’ and ‘What the hell happened to my brain?’

June 2015: Bucks New University – ‘Together we achieve more’ –

May 2015: RCN/Care England ‘All together now: breaking the rules!’ –!

May 2015: Margaret Butterworth Care Home Forum – Launch of ‘Dementia, Culture and Ethnicity’ Book –

May 2015: CQC Adult Social Care Provider Involvement in the New Care Models Programme Roundtable (London)

April 2015: Film for Arc Seven Communications – ‘Living well with dementia’

April 2015: Care England studio debate – Highlights package

April 2015: Film for Arc Seven Communications – ‘Next Government must put care first’

March 2015: Film for Arc Seven Communications – ‘Positive Stories’

Feb 2015: Kings Fund ‘Leading change in dementia diagnosis and support’ –

Feb 2015: Carewatch conference

Jan 2015: BBC South Today –

Nov 2014: Westminster Health Forum – Improving outcomes in dementia care: integration, personalisation and the Dementia Challenge –

Nov 2014: Sensory Plus ‘Integration of Sensory in Elderly Care Settings, focusing on Dementia care’ –

Nov 2014: BRACE ‘Dementia: Hope for the Future’ –

Oct 2014: Alzheimer Europe Conference –

Oct 2014: BBC Radio Oxford – (The first hour)

Oct 2014: BBC Radio Oxford – (Preview at the beginning, then fast forward to 01:07:42)

Sept 2014: British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT) – Evening reception for BAMT Exhibition (By invitation only) –

August 2014: Carers Trust Webchat –

July 2014: Interviews with the BBC, ITV, Sky News, Channel 4 and Channel 5. ITV’s report: Channel 4’s report:

June 2014: Commissioning Show / Health+Care (London) –

June 2014: Care England –

June 2014: Press Association (G8 Global Dementia Legacy Event)

June 2014: Sky News Sunrise (G8 Global Dementia Legacy Event)

June 2014: PHE Launch of Dementia Intelligence Network

May 2014: The Wireless from Age UK – ‘Agenda with Martyn Lewis’ (Broadcasts 6-7pm) – (Podcast to follow)

May 2014: Bucks New University – Safeguarding Vulnerable Children and Adults –

May 2014: CQC Adult Social Care Covert Surveillance Roundtable (London)

May 2014: The Alzheimer’s Show (London) – For the DAA Carers’ Call to Action –

March 2014: NHS Expo –

Dec 2013: Dept of Health – G8 Dementia Summit: My film –

Dec 2013: Dept of Health – G8 Dementia Summit: Montage film –

Dec 2013: Dept of Health- G8 Dementia Summit: ‘Three words’ film –

Dec 2013: Sky News –

Dec 2013: BBC Radio Somerset – (Fast forward to 05:00)

Dec 2013: BBC Radio Manchester – (Fast forward to 11:26)

Dec 2013: BBC Radio Oxford – (Preview at the beginning, then fast forward to 01:08:35)

Dec 2013: BBC Radio 5 Live – 5 Live Investigates –

Dec 2013: NHS IQ – Commitment for Carers (London)

Dec 2013: The National Council for Palliative Care – 8th Annual Conference on Dementia and End of Life (London) –

Nov 2013: Oxfordshire Dementia Awareness Campaign (Henley-on-Thames) –

Nov 2013: The Guardian Live Discussion: A better deal for people with dementia –

Nov 2013: DAA Carers’ Call to Action launch –

Oct 2013: Age UK Brent – Challenging Dementia in Brent Conference

Oct 2013: The BRACE Dementia Debate –

Oct 2013: The Guardian – What is the future of dementia care?

Sept 2013: Crossroads Care Bucks and Milton Keynes – Person-Centred Care Workshop

June 2013: Swan Advocacy Network Annual Conference

May 2013: Great British Care Shows South West

March 2013: Care Show Bournemouth –

Nov 2012: Care Show Birmingham

Sept 2012: Marlow FM

Sept 2012: The Voice of Russia –

Sept 2012: Panel Q&A for BRACE –

Sept 2012: Presentation for BRACE –