I’ve had a great time today doing a takeover of the renowned social care show The Caring View.

For my takeover I was joined by Rosie and Meg from MacIntyre (who I work with as part of the MacIntyre Health Team), and Chris Maddocks and Masood (Maq) Qureshi, two Experts by Experience that I deliver training with. A huge thank you to all of my guests for sharing their expertise. You can watch the show here:

The Caring View is the brainchild of social care experts Mark Topps and Adam Purnell and aims to educate, elevate and celebrate social care by providing a platform for everybody working in or drawing on social care to come together for this weekly show.

You can read more about my show here: https://www.linkedin.com/events/workingwithexpertsbyexperiencei7062498289107005440/comments/ and my guest blog for The Caring View is here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/innovating-human-way-thecaringview/.

Many thanks to Mark and Adam for inviting me to do the takeover!