As one of 3 consultants on MacIntyre’s Dying to Talk Project, I’m pleased to be supporting the Project team this autumn as we deliver the Session 2 and Session 3 training for MacIntyre staff in our 4 pilot areas.

In Session 2 I will be delivering the workshop on ‘Providing the Best Support’, and in Session 3 I will be delivering the workshop on ‘Loss, Change and Grief’. As well as working with the Project team, in Session 3 we will be joined by Caroline Loxton from Willen Hospice.

These sessions are being delivered via Zoom due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and because of the virtual delivery we have been very mindful to construct sessions that are as interactive, informative and supportive as possible. I’m really looking forward to being part of the 20 training sessions that we will be delivering, and I will be sharing my experiences via a blog for MacIntyre in early 2022.

MacIntyre make many resources available for free on their website, and there are booklets for the two topics I’m delivering training on that can be downloaded using the following links:

Loss, Change and Grief

Providing the Best Support