As part of their series of dementia-related content to support UK Dementia Action Week 2018, one of my consultancy clients, MacIntyre, have interviewed me about my work on their groundbreaking Wellbeing for Life toolkit. You can read the interview here:

In the interview I talk about how I wrote content, and reviewed the entire Wellbeing for Life toolkit, as well as my views on the benefits for staff from having access to the toolkit. Wellbeing for Life contains numerous resources, including 33 e-learning modules, on topics associated with ageing, health and dementia, with a specific focus on people who have a learning disability.

I am the external consultant for MacIntyre’s Dementia Project, and delighted to work with such a fantastic team leading the way on everything related to the needs of people with a learning disability and dementia. MacIntyre are also my longest serving consultancy client, at 4+ years.