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"You have a very sensitive and powerful way of talking about the issues around dementia"
Dementia UK


Beth Britton - Consultant on ageing, health, social care and dementia

Anyone can call themselves a consultant, but not everyone can bring the unique insight into that role that comes from 19 years of personal experience of dementia and related health and social care services. Combine that with an exemplary communications ability, and the respect of key individual and organisational stakeholders and you have the opportunity to benefit from the skills of a multi-dimensional Expert by Experience.

I offer intuitive training and mentoring for the health and social care workforce with a training package I have devised, alongside bespoke materials and training sessions to respond to individual staff or service needs. I also run standalone training sessions on key overarching care and support topics, and drop-in skills workshops that utilise my top tips action sheets.

More details about my five training modules (covering: What is Dementia? Person and Relationship Centred Care and Support, Communication, Living with Dementia and Changes Associated with Dementia) are available via my Dementia Action Week 2018 series of D4Dementia blogs.

You can also read a showcase of the training and mentoring I've delivered for one of my social care consultancy clients in Talking Care Magazine.

key skills:

Ability to train health and social care staff to deliver positive, impactful change

Empathetic mentor who can support staff to bridge skills shortages or respond to specific difficulties

Extensive network and database of resources that enables me to signpost to numerous fantastic initiatives, projects and organisations that I work alongside

Personal insight, not just from my father's 19 years with dementia but from the multitude of other people I've met who are living with dementia and their families

Excellent communicator with professionals working at all levels of care and support






Life story work


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"Excellent as always... we really like working with you"
Kathryn McLaughlin, PR Manager, Engage Mutual Assurance

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