Beth Britton - Campaigner, consultant, writer and blogger on ageing, health, social care and dementia


"You have a very sensitive and powerful way of talking about the issues around dementia"
Dementia UK


Beth Britton - Consultant on ageing, health, social care and dementia

Anyone can call themselves a consultant, but not everyone can bring unique insight into that role that only comes from 19 years of personal experience of dementia, and related health and social care services. Combine that with an exemplary communications ability, the respect of key individual and organisational stakeholders, and the profile you would expect of a social media expert, and you have an opportunity to benefit from the skills of a multi-dimensional Expert by Experience.

Enhance your organisation's policies and strategy with my advice, revolutionise your educational experience, give your staff intuitive training, commission an evaluation of what you are offering the people who need your care, empower families whose loved ones have dementia, gain invaluable insight into communications and social media strategy and much more. Whatever your organisation does, do it better.

You can read a showcase from one of my social care consultancy clients here.

key skills:

Personal insight

Trusted and respected opinion

A key authority on dementia

Ability to train and mentor dementia care staff to deliver positive, impactful change

Extensive network and engagement with stakeholders from a wide range of disciplines

Ability to bridge gaps and opinions to provide an invaluable ‘overview’

Excellent communicator

Hugely respected writing ability

Personalised education and engagement for anyone who wants or needs to learn more about dementia

Very strong social media presence





Social Care

Training and Mentoring


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"Excellent as always... we really like working with you"
Kathryn McLaughlin, PR Manager, Engage Mutual Assurance

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