Beth Britton - Campaigner, consultant, writer and blogger on ageing, health, social care and dementia


I am a freelance campaigner, consultant, writer and blogger specialising in issues affecting older people, health and social care and specifically dementia.


Beth Britton - My story

My father had vascular dementia for 19 years. It began when I was around 12 years old and would go on to dominate my teens and twenties. Dad went 10 years without a diagnosis and then spent 9 years in 3 different care homes. He passed away in April 2012 aged 85.

During my father’s dementia we experienced a myriad of health and social care services that varied from excellent to exceptionally poor. What all of those experiences had in common, however, was what could be learnt from them to improve knowledge, awareness and care for all.

In May 2012 I launched D4Dementia, a blog aimed at providing support and advice to people faced with similar situations to those we lived through with my father, inform and educate care professionals and the wider population, promote debate and create improvements in dementia care.

As the blog became extremely popular and my social media presence grew, demand for my story and skills led me to diversify into other areas of related work that have had widespread acclaim and continue to evolve to this day.

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I believe that everything my father went through, and that we experienced as his family, is there to inform, educate and influence others. He would have wanted to make a real and lasting difference and I hope through my work that will be his legacy.


I have had a passion for writing my whole life, excelling at English language, English literature and history from a young age. I freelanced with sport and lifestyle feature writing before becoming Editor of Voiceoffootball from 2005-2007, with 23 columnists writing for me. You can read a review of Voiceoffootball in ‘When Saturday Comes’ here.

As my father’s dementia continued to advance, I made the decision to prioritise his needs, and that remained the case until he passed away.

Through my writing I aim to appeal to the hearts and minds of my audience and communicate honestly and passionately. My work has been described as engaging, informative, inspiring and easy to understand.

I relish tackling subjects that some may consider to be ‘difficult’, and I love a challenge.


Dementia Friends DementiaDAA

I am a Dementia Friends Champion and a national member of the Dementia Action Alliance.

Other jobs I have undertaken include working for a photographer and for the National Trust. I have also trained as a professional singer.

My interests are varied and extensive, including many different sports and forms of entertainment. I am passionate about travelling, current affairs, food, relationship and lifestyle issues to name just a few.

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"Your generous spirit & understanding are so beautifully expressed!"
Cyndee Bowden, SLP

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